1. Pigeonpea Production In The Ail Of Rice Field Ii. Effect Of Date Of Planting On Flower Shedding And Yield – S. Fakir 3
  2. Effect of tree leaf biomass on the performance of rice cv. BR11 and subsequent soil health – Kamrul
  3. Impact of traditional homestead Agroforestry on the livelihood of the farmers in northern Bangladesh – Parvez
  4. Morphological characteristics and yield attributes of twenty-three potato varieties -Awal
  5. Growth and yield in two Cassava Morphotypes – S. Fakir
  6. Prevalence of important post harvest diseases of mango -Naznin
  7. Evaluation of two brinjal cultivars in goraneem based agroforestry system – Omor
  8. Effect of fertilizer and lime on the performance of ginger in goraneem based agroforestry system – M.Mia
  9. Effect of K on nutrient content, uptake and K use efficiency by wheat under high Ganges river flood plain soil – Rabiul
  10. Effect of pre-treatment of seeds of Kalo koroi on germination and seedling growth – Dipali
  11. Nitrogen level and weed control interaction in drum seeded boro rice – Kowsar
  12. Compatibility analysis of mustard and soybean stands in intercrop association – Awal
  13. Effect of leaf biomass of different agroforest trees on the prevalence of insects and yield of rice cv. BR11 – Atia
  14. Residual effect of plant biomass on the performance of mustard – Parvez
  15. Susceptibility of mango to stem-end rot and Anthracnose and its control through chemical and hot water treatment – Nahar
  16. Evaluation of two plant materials for the management of pulse beetle – Masum
  17. Organic production of eggplant in multistoried agroforestry system – M.Mia
  18. Pathogenicity Of Phytophthora Capsici And Possibilities Of Its Biological And Chemical Control – Nahar
  19. Performance of mungbean as green manuring crop in agroforestry systems – M.Mia
  20. Isolation and identification of Phytophthora capsici and its mating type determination – Nahar
  21. Performance of two carrot varieties under goraneem based multistoried agroforestry system – Omor
  22. Present status of biological waste management of shrimp processing industries in Khulna district – Idris
  23. Effect of different organic manures on the growth and yield of two garlic varieties- Rahim
  24. Export potential of cutflower in Bangladesh – Jalil
  25. Morphological differences in three Cassava Morphotypes -S. Fakir
  26. Environmental and Socio-economic disaster due to Farakka Barrage in Bangladesh- a Remote Sensing and GIS evaluation – Salam
  27. Row spacing effect on the yield and yield components of T. Aus rice cv. BR26 (Shraboni) – Abuusuf
  28. Pod growth and quality in indeterminate vegetable Pigeonpea Morphotypes – S. Fakir
  29. Integrated nutrient management for fine rice following system of rice intensification (Sri) technique – Ahsan
  30. Effect of inorganic fertilizers on the initial growth of Goraneem (Melia azedarach L) seedling – Rahman
  31. Agro-economic performance of intercropping hybrid maize with potato at farmers field – Rabiul
  32. Effect of shoot maturity and time of operation on litchi air layering – D. Hossain
  33. Composition and benefit of cropland agroforestry practices practised in Rajshahi district -Rahman _ Alam
  34. Below-ground genet structure of an ectomycorrhizal fungus, Laccaria amethystina in the volcanic desert on Mount Fuji – Wadud
  35. Performance of gima kalmi (Ipomoea reptans) under lemon and guava tree as influenced by plant density – Shown
  36. Effect of source and rate of compost on the yield and yield components of lentil – Bhuiya Sir