Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment


  1. Strawberry cultivation along with Lohakat tree as agroforestry system – E Mallick
  2. Quality evaluation of fish ball prepared from frozen stored striped – M Akhter
  3. Effect of post harvest treatments on the incidence of banana disease during storage condition – N Amin
  4. Study on seedling growth of important timber trees in agroecologically different area in Bangladesh – MH Hawlader
  5. Performance of sweet gourd in association with eucalyptus saplings – M Rahman
  6. Effect of storage container and initial seed moisture content on quality of shelled groundnut seed – MM Alam
  7. Effect of variety and sowing date on the growth and yield of summer mungbean – MG Rabbani
  8. Effect of poultry manure and inorganic fertilizer on the productivity of cotton – MK Islam
  9. Effects of different sources of organic materials on nutrient contents by T. amanrice – SAS Shormy
  10. In Vitro regeneration of Corchorus capsularis – M. Haque
  11. Yield performance of soybean as influenced by phosphorus – R Ali
  12. Effect of urea super granules on the performance of transplant aman rice – FT Zohra
  13. Effect of guava and lemon on the yield of okra under Agroforestry system – SC Bali
  14. Performance of variety and spacing on the yield and yield contributing characters of transplanted Aman rice – A Tayeb
  15. Performance sweet gourd grown in association with Akashmoni saplings – A Rahman
  16. Effects of water treatment chemicals on plankton biomass in aquaculture – J Ferdous
  17. Silkworm sHSP19.9 and sHSP20.8 with ATP on the thermal induced aggregation of Bovine Liver Catalase (BLC) – MT Hossain
  18. Problem faced by the farmersGÇÖ in practicing one house one farm approach – SMA Ullah
  19. Existing marketing system and economic analysis of Broom grass – MJ Alam
  20. Effect of nursery management practices on growth and yield of BRRI dhan51 – M Sumon
  21. Performance of Kangkong under two years old Akashmoni tree – MN Ahmed
  22. Effect of callus induction media and phytohormones on regeneration of shoots in spring wheat – MR Khatun
  23. Adoption of modern wheat cultivation technologies by the farmers of Birganj upazila under Dinajpur district – ABMS Mahmud
  24. Control of fruit fly of mango through integrated crop management practices – MA Islam
  25. Growth and yield potential of some local and high yielding boro rice cultivars – BC Sarker
  26. Heterosis in inter-ecotypic classes of rice (Oryza sativa L.) – SR Dey
  27. Yield and yield contributing characters of mungbean as affected by variety and level of phosphorus – MT Parvez
  28. Effect of dose and frequency of garlic tablet spray on the incidence of cercospora – M Asaduzzaman
  29. Effect of planting time and fungicidal spray in controlling late blight of potato variety Raja – ME Haque
  30. Growth performance of three medicinal plants in terrace ecosystem of Bangladesh – NS Sharmin
  31. Groundwater quality status of Bhola sadar upazila in Bangladesh for drinking, irrigation, livestock consumption – MF Karim
  32. Influence of storage treatments on the changes of some physicochemical constituents of the postharvest mango – MK Islam
  33. Effect of integrated nutrient management on the growth and yield of BRRIdhan29 – MK Islam