Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment


  1. Performance of summer vegetables in charland based agroforestry system – Z Alam
  2. Feasibility of indigenous yellowtail catfish Pangasius pangasius culture in earthen ponds – T Hasin
  3. Impact of drought on food crop production in a selected area of Bangladesh – MAL Sarker
  4. Production of vegetables on pond dike utilization of fallow lands – MM Hasan
  5. Interaction effect of four years old Xylia dolabriformis tree on the growth – MA Habib
  6. Effect of green biomass application of different trees on the yield of rice – Arefin
  7. Nodulation, yield and quality of soybean as influenced by integrated nutrient management – MR Ahsan
  8. Influence of different levels of potassium on yield and fibre strength of jute – SR Sarker
  9. Boundary plantation of Eucalyptus and its effect on Chilli and Sweet gourd – A Babu
  10. Effects of variety and weight of stecklings on yield and quality of carrot seed – MA Malek
  11. Prevalence of mastitis in cows as dairy and subsistence farming systems – MA Rahman
  12. Effects of prilled urea and urea super granule on growth, yield – I Miah
  13. Molecular characterization of garlic germplasms using RAPD – MS Alam
  14. Effect of nitrogen application on morphological characters and yield attributes of fine aman rice – MA Haque
  15. Quality characteristics of two cotton cultivars as influenced by seed dressing – SMA Hossain
  16. Effect of different irrigation level on growth, yield and quality of sugarcane – MS Rahman
  17. Effect of spacing and number of seedlings per hill on the yield performance of fine rice – MR Islam
  18. In vitro effect of botanical extracts and fungicides against Bipolaris sorokiniana – MM Hasan
  19. Physico-chemical properties of some soils of Madhupur upazila under Tangail district – MM Rahman
  20. Effect of post harvest treatment on weight loss and shelf life of banana during storage – N Amin
  21. Effect of nitrogen and potassium on morpho-physiological characteristics – KI Akanda
  22. Effect of drought stress on yield and yield components of sugarcane – MK begum
  23. Effect of bending and fruit thinning for off-season production of guava – AA Mamun
  24. Evaluation of some rapeseed mutants based on growth attributes – MA Uddin
  25. Comparative studies of chlorophyll content, yield and juice quality of eight sugarcane varieties – MS Islam
  26. Intercropping of fennel with chili – B Ahmed
  27. Nutrient uptake by BRRI dhan28 as influenced by different forms and doses of urea – I Miah
  28. Nutritional status of edible jute leaves as influenced by different levels of potassium – SR Sarker
  29. Effect of moisture and dry matter content of three banana varieties during storage condition – N Amin
  30. Growth, survival and diseases stress of Macrobrachium rosenbergii larvae – MA Bashar
  31. Effect of seedlings per hill and nitrogen rate on the yield performance of fine rice – MR Islam