Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment


  1. Optimization of plant density of Akashmoni (Acacia auriculiformis) for production of fuel wood – SR Ghosh, MA Wadud
  2. Different levels of nitrogen and phosphorus with or absence of VAM fungal inoculum on rice – MA Kalam
  3. Tree diversity and its impact on livelihood of the farmers of char areas in Melandaha upazila – GS Tosher
  4. In vitro effect of plant extracts, fungicides and antibiotics on the fungal isolates – KS Hossain
  5. Quality assessment of waters of Bogra city area, Bangladesh – HM Zakir
  6. Variability and trend of decadal and annual climatic variables in Dinajpur district – JA Syeda
  7. Bird conservation in Pochamaria village of Rajshahi district of Bangladesh – MSI Selim
  8. Effect of postharvest treatments on physical changes and shelf life of mango – R Roy
  9. Effect of variety and pruning of umbel on yield and quality of carrot seed – MA Malek
  10. Studies on tree diversity of homestead Agroforestry systems in three union of Nakla upazila – ALM Rejuan
  11. Effect of different doses of fertilizers on yield and yield components of two varieties of boro rice – MA Salam
  12. Status of climatic variations in North Western region of Bangladesh – M. Shamsuzzoha
  13. Biological activity of four ornamental plant leaves on some vegetable seeds – SR Roy
  14. Effect of salinity stress on growth and yield attributes in transplanted aman rice genotypes – MS Islam
  15. Socioeconomic evaluation of insecticide use pattern on lablab bean cultivation at farm level – M Mahiuddin
  16. Impact of Agroforestry practices on livelihood improvement of the farmers of char Kalibari – K Ibrahim
  17. Performance of poultry bio-slurry as a source of organic manure on potato production – MM Rahman
  18. Erosion rate and conservation techniques of soils under rain-fed agriculture – A Akhter, A Parvez
  19. Study on the Cyperaceous weeds of Bangladesh Agricultural University campus – Sarwar, Shameem
  20. Effect of variety and age of stecklings on yield and quality of carrot seed – MA Malek
  21. Impact of drought on food crop production in a selected area of Bangladesh – MAL Sarker
  22. Study on Agroforestry and plant diversity in the char Gobadia of Mymensingh district – A Zico
  23. Effectiveness of pheromone trap as IPM practice for BSFB affected fruits in Brinjal – MH Kabir
  24. Geographical position and aquatic resources of the river Mahananda – KM Rahman
  25. Studies on some physical characteristics of BAU-GPC released mango germplasms – R Roy
  26. Cormorant conservation in a local area of Bangladesh – MSI Selim
  27. Feasibility of underground water for fish culture in the southern region of Bangladesh – MS Hossain
  28. Preferred rice varieties, seed source, disease incidence and loss assessment in bakanae disease – KS Hossain
  29. Fertilizer management for maize-mungbean-T. aman based cropping pattern – MZ Ferdous
  30. Towards a corporate farming policy for Bangladesh – SKD Gupta
  31. Plankton community in Lam Se Bai in dry season – Y Fujioka
  32. Study on genetic divergence and relationship between yield and yield contributing characters – D Hasna
  33. Water current around traditional fishing gears in riparian swamps – Y Fujioka