1. Host specificity of ectomycorrhizal fungi to common dipterocarps in Bangladesh – M.A. Wadud
  2. A comparative study of Jhum land crop productivity and farmers coping strategies in Jhum Chash system – CS Swapon
  3. Present status of handling, transportation and processing of traditional dried Punti – MA Nayeem
  4. Leaf area estimation by linear regression models in Cassava – MR Karim
  5. Impact of SIDR-2007 on the status of chemical constituents of water – AKM Faruk
  6. Effect of intercropping different vegetables with groundnut – MA Monim
  7. Effects of KClO3, KNO3 and urea on the flowering and fruiting of mango and longan – N Nahar
  8. Effect of number of seedlings per hill and fertilizer dose on yield and yield attributes – Z Akhtar
  9. Causes, impacts and possible remedial strategies of sal forest encroachment in Madhupur – MA Mondal
  10. Performance of epicotyl grafting in different varieties of mango – MR Islam
  11. Evaluation of the effects of fertilizers on the abundance of plankton population – MA Quader
  12. Morphological features and pod growth in late sown indeterminate Pigeonpea – MSA Fakir
  13. Allelopathic proclivities of Dalbergia sissoo on agricultural crops – Bari
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  15. Effect of deblossoming on the yield, quality and control of floral malformation of mango – MA Rahim
  16. Species composition and gear used in fishing during pre-monsoon – MI Miah
  17. Abundance and incidence of pollinator visitors on different cotton – R Amin
  18. Effect of seed rate and nitrogen level on the yield of direct seeded hybrid boro rice – M Anisuzzaman
  19. Evaluation of some indigenous plant extracts against red flour beetle – M Begum
  20. Performance of some promising M5 sesame mutant lines – MA Malek
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  22. Integrated management of aphid in mustard – MA Monim
  23. Performance of Indian spinach in litchi based Agroforestry system – MN Uddin
  24. Growth inhibitory effect of ten fruit leaves on selected weeds – S Jalal
  25. Growth and green pod yield of garden pea varieties under different nutrient levels – MK Alam
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  27. Role of women in the homestead aforestation activities of Mymensingh district – MAA Mamun
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  29. Feasibility of using poultry litter with local aromatic rice in aman season – MF Hossain
  30. Performance of T. aman rice-cum-vegetables as influenced by selected species – MA Hasan
  31. Use of interpersonal communication source by the farmers in receiving agricultural information – MAS Mandol
  32. FarmerGÇÖs awareness on environment related farm and homestead activities – D Roy
  33. Assessment of effectiveness of pheromone trap as IPM practice for BSFB management – MH Kabir
  34. Production potential of ginger under different spacing of Dalbergia sissoo – MS Bari
  35. Performance of modern aromatic rice (cv. BRRI dhan50) under different fertilizer management – MF Hossain
  36. Evaluation of groundnut entries against Jassid and Thrips – MA Monim
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  49. Efficacy of mixture of garlic allamanda and neem extract against shoot and fruit borer of eggplant – Moniruzzaman