Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment


  1. Flower morphology and leaf nutritive value in China Cherry and Kumbhi
  2. Standardization of production technology for garlic under dry and wet land conditions
  3. Inter-relationship among quality characters in aromatic rice
  4. Farmers’ constraints in receiving farm information from the communication media and their suggestions to overcome the constraints
  5. Antimicrobial activities of copper, cobalt and nickel cyanex complexes
  6. A study of the plants produced by different methods of vegetative propagation in mango
  7. Assessment of the livelihood status of the fish farmers in some selected areas of Rajshahi district
  8. Performance of carrot as intercrop in multistrata sissoo woodlot
  9. Biochemical composition and oil characteristics of sunhemp seed, an unconventional legume in Bangladesh
  10. Effect of nitrogen application on green leaf production and seed quality of BRRIdhan 30
  11. Performance evaluation of garlic germplasms under dry land condition
  12. Effect of mixed fertilizer on the yield and yield attributes of rice
  13. Post harvest value addition process of exportable shrimp of Bangladesh
  14. Growth and production performance of prawn in an improved culture system
  15. Fruit growth in cowphal (Garcinia cowa)
  16. Bio-economic evaluation of aloe vera in coconut based multistoried agroforestry systems
  17. Effects of manures and fertilizer on nutrient content and uptake by BRRIdhan 29
  18. Effect of fertilizer and lime on the performance of turmeric-ghora neem based agroforestry system
  19. Effect of S and B on the yield, yield attributes and protein content of aromatic rice
  20. Effect of date of stem cutting on success, survivor and growth of different minor fruits
  21. Livelihood status of the fish farmers in some selected areas of Tarakanda upazila of Mymensingh district
  22. Yield performance of transplanted aman rice under different multipurpose tree species
  23. Formulation of stevia incorporated cereal-legume based therapeutic food for regulating lipid profile
  24. Performance of medicinal plants under mango based multistoried agroforestry system
  25. Interaction effects of vegetables in association with two years old Hopea odorata sapling
  26. Present status of fishes and their harvesting in Beel Kumari under Rajshahi district
  27. Performance of bioinoculant, urea and cowdung on growth
  28. Changes in the milling and physicochemical properties of aromatic rice
  29. Effect of urea super granules, prilled urea and poultry manure on the yield of Boro rice varieties
  30. Environmental impact of using grameen shakti organic manure on boro rice cultivation
  31. Effects of spacing and age of seedling on the growth and yield of summer onion
  32. Inheritance of resistance to phomopsis blight and fruit rot in brinjal
  33. Performance of advanced genotypes of aromatic rice under different transplanting dates
  34. Effect of variety and time of operation on the success, growth and survivability of air-layers
  35. Effect of spacing on the growth and yield of boro rice (cv. BRRIdhan 36) under aerobic system
  36. Assessment of in vivo protein digestibility of different feed ingredients used in rearing silver barb
  37. Socio-economic conditions of the fishermen community of Ichamati river in Santhia upazila
  38. Study on the growth of plants produced by epicotyl (stone) grafting with different rootstock
  39. Parasitic diseases of Indian major carp in Rajshahi district of Bangladesh
  40. Acetic acid pulp from jute stick, rice-straw and bagasse
  41. Effects of organic and inorganic fertilizer management practices and mulch on the growth
  42. Screening of some cotton varieties on the basis of yield attributing characters
  43. Effect of phosphorus and boron on the performance of summer mungbean in high Ganges river
  44. Effect of starter solution and GA3 on growth and yield of cabbage
  45. Performance of some fine rice varieties in transplant Aman season
  46. Evaluation of two promising rapeseed mutants under on-station and on-farm trials
  47. Efficacy of some botanical pesticides (neem, garlic and red chili) against dried fish insects
  48. Marketing system of fishes and socioeconomic condition of fish retailers in Rajshahi city
  49. Quality improvement of exportable fish and prawn through participatory stakeholder-based approach in Kulierchar
  50. Direct and residual effects of rock phosphate on mustard (cv. BARIsharisa 11) in two different sites under high Ganges river
  51. Fish marketing system and socio-economic status of fish retailers in three markets of Puthia Upazila, Rajshahi district
  52. Root growth, hydraulic conductance and cell wall properties of rice root under interactive effect of growth regulator
  53. Growing stevia plants in household condition and their evaluation on the basis of phenotypic attributes
  54. Grain yield and protein content of transplant aman rice as influenced by variety and rate of nitrogen