Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment


  1. Jhum cultivation in Khagrachari hill district of Bangladesh – Chakma
  2. Effect of planting density on morphological features and yield in baby corn – Fakir
  3. Yield and nutritional changes in brinjal seedlings – Rashid
  4. Effect of plant densities on seed of two soybean varieties – Maksudunnabi
  5. Soda sulphur pulping of mandar for manufacturing writing and printing paper – M. H. Rahman
  6. Effect of BAU-biofungicide and BINA-biofertilizer on growth – Mushfiq
  7. Yield performance of four transplant aman rice varieties as influenced – Pal
  8. Efficacy of different insecticides against brown planthopper and their hazardous – Haque
  9. Fish marketing system in the Chalan Beel area in north-west Bangladesh – Ahashan
  10. Performance of susceptibility of twenty rice varieties to different insect pests – Das
  11. Effect of storage containers and additives on seedling health of rice – Ayub
  12. Agricultural sustainability of some low land rice soils of the Chalan Beel – Islam
  13. Characteristics of some cotton varieties in relation to seasonal abundance of pests – Ruhul
  14. Study on the fecundity indices of two indigenous fish species from the Padma River – Siddique
  15. Paper from soda-sulphur koroi pulp – Rahman
  16. Existing kitchen waste disposal and management system at Mymensingh district – Islam
  17. Effect of cultural practices for the management of Brown Planthopper – Haque
  18. Effect of wrapping materials on post harvest diseases of mango – Nahar _ Rahim
  19. Effect of nitrogen and molybdenum on the growth and yield of bush bean – Saiful
  20. Effects of weeding and fertilizer management on transplant aman – Tahmina
  21. Effect Of Seed Rate And Seed Source On Yield And Yield Contributing Characters Of Mungbean – Hassan
  22. Biological activity of nimbicidine against jute hairy caterpillar – MM ALI
  23. Effects of different plant extracts and chemicals on yield and quality of fruits of four mango varieties – Karim
  24. Manufacturing packing paper from acetic acid blended pulp of bamboo and bagasse – Rahman
  25. Embryonic and larval development of tara baim – Farid
  26. Screening of brinjal varieties resistance to brinjal shoot and fruit borer – Hossain
  27. Crop-livestock-environmental interaction in the rural areas of Mymensingh – Babul
  28. Effect of Sowing Dates on the Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Wheat – Saiful
  29. Effect of some systemic insecticides on the abundance of major insect pests and predators associated with cotton plants – Ruhul
  30. Replacement of wheat bran by biogas slurry and their effect on intake and digestibility of deshi sheep – Hossain
  31. Fish culture in ponds by using bio-gas slurry and raw cow dung in carp polyculture system
  32. Yield and quality performance of some aromatic rice varieties of Bangladesh – Farid
  33. Consumer attitude towards poultry meat and eggs – Mahiuddin
  34. Consumption pattern of small indigenous species (SIS) of fish with special – Ahmed
  35. Yield ability of tillers separated from t.aman rice cv. BRRI dhan41 – Parveen
  36. Assessment of the livelihood status of the fish farmers in some selected areas – Sohel
  37. Screening of some chickpea genotypes against Helicoverpa armigera – Hasan
  38. Effect of time of herbicide application on weed and yield of boro rice cv. BRRI dhan29
  39. Study on seed borne fungi of ipil-ipil – Rafiul
  40. Wrapping and packing paper from acetic acid blended pulp – Ahsan
  41. Upgradation Of The Vegetable Production Scenario Of Bangladesh – Hazra
  42. Livelihoods of landless tribal based on local agriculture and forests in east Godavari district – Harminder
  43. Potential of minor cucurbits for sustainability and livelihood support in west Bengal – Manosh
  44. Fruit research and development in India – Abu hasan