Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment

  1. Enhancing Livelihood and Biodiversity Through Caritas Intervened Project in the Northeastern Region of Bangladesh: A Case Study
  2. Synoptic Climatology of Air Temperatures behind Extreme Cyclone Events over the Bay of Bengal of Southern Bangladesh.
  3. Salt tolerance of Papaya (Carica papaya), Indian spinach (Basella alba L.) and Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) in the south central coastal region of Bangladesh.
  4. Assessment of Farmers’ Health Risk due to Pesticide Uses in Winter Vegetables at Selected Areas of Bogura District, Bangladesh.
  5. Comparative Efficacy of Pyrethroid and Neonicotinoid Insecticides to Manage Litchi Fruit Borer
  6. Strategies to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Port and Terminal Operations: Evidence from a Developing Country
  7. Effect of Rainfall Pattern on the Tea Production in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Socio-economic Perspectives
  8. Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Change in Oil Palm Producing Agro-Ecological Zones of Nigeria
  9. Effect of Mulching and Gypsum Fertilizer Application on the Yield of Maize in Salinity Affected Area of Noakhali District, Bangladesh

  10. Comparison of Fodder Species with or without Nutrient Supplementation for Paddy Straw-based Dairy Cattle Production in Hills of Nepal