Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment

VOL 12, ISSUE 1 & 2

  1. Guava fruit tree-based agroforestry practice during summer season in charland and plainland ecosystems – F. Ahmed
  2. Correlation and path analysis in some ridge gourd genotypes – N. Mitu
  3. Effect of microcredit on health and nutritional status of rural people in Bangladesh – O. Rashid
  4. Interaction effect of mahogany tree on the yield performance of rice under agri-silvicultural system – M.A.A. Noman
  5. Status of bio-diversity, species lost, cropping pattern, homestead diversity in southern coastal zones of Bangladesh – M. A. Rahim
  6. Role of NGOs on livelihood improvement and forest resource conservation Experiences from Bangladesh – S. Roy
  7. Effect of different sources of nitrogen on growth and yield of two lines of garlic under wetland condition at BAU, Mymensingh – M. S. Alam
  8. Performance of root vegetables in association with medicinal trees under charland ecosystem – M.O.R. Sahel
  9. Effect of integrated nutrient management on the performance of aromatic fine rice – J. Ferdous
  10. Distribution of mosquitoes and their seasonal oscillation in two wards of Dhaka city – M.G. Sharower
  11. Integrated effects of irrigation interval and calcium nutrient on growth and yield of tomato in pot cultivation – M.S. Islam
  12. Performance of concentrated fertilizer supplement (Cropmax) on growth and yield of Mung bean (Vigna radiata) – S.M.D. Haque
  13. Performance of drumstick-chilli based agroforestry practice in charland ecosystem – M.A.A. Noman
  14. Assessment of genetic diversity in ridge gourd – N. J. Methela
  15. Effects of planting system on growth and yield of two lines of garlic under dry land condition at BAU, Mymensingh – M. S. Alam
  16. Studies on the performance of UC Davis Chimney drier on drying of jackfruit pulps – Halima Khatun
  17. Effect of plant spacing and potassium on growth and yield of cabbage – K. Shamima