Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment

             Nowrose Jahan Lipi, Muhammad Maniruzzaman, Md. Ziaul Haque and AKM Faruk-E-Azam



Biochar is an organic amendment used for crop production. A piece of research work was conducted in the field laboratory of Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Dumki, Patuakhali to observe the effect of biochar on the growth and yield of sunflowers. There were four treatments as Control, 5 tons ha-1 biochar, 10 tons ha-1 biochar, and 20 tons ha-1 biochar.  A significant difference was found in the plant height, number of leaves, length of leaves, number of seed head-1, head diameter, seed weight head-1, 1000 seed weight, yield, and stover yields when different biochar doses were applied. The highest plant height (181.37 cm), number of leaves (20.82), leaf length (45.84 cm), number of seed head-1 (677.13), head diameter (20.63 cm), total seed weight head-1 (68.19 g), 1000 seed weight (65.49 g), grain yield (3.42 tons ha-1) and stover yield (5.79 tons ha-1) was recorded from 20 tons ha-1 treatment. Biochar of 20 tons ha-1 could be recommended for higher growth and yield of sunflower.

Keywords: Biochar; Growth; Sunflower; Yield.

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment, 2023, 16(2):9-13