Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment

              Md. Elius Hossain, Shamima Begum, Md. Muzammal Hoque, Md. Mohimenul Islam, Mohammad Ferdous Ikbal, S. M. Abdul Alim and Md. Shahed                        Hossain



Boro is the most important cereal crops in terms of production to the farmers in Bangladesh. An experiment was conducted to examine the suitability and productivity of two rice varieties cultivating in Boro season. The experiment was consisted of Binadhan-24 and BRRI dhan58 and it was conducted at the farmer’s field of Mymensingh and Kishoreganj districts from December, 2022 to May, 2023. The experiment was performed in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. Higher yield (7.03 tha-1) was recorded in Binadhan-24 compared to the variety BRRI dhan58 (6.53 tha-1). A higher day to maturity was found in BRRI dhan58 (152.50 days) compared to the varieties Binadhan-24. The highest effective tiller hill-1 (24.90) and number of filled grain panicle-1 (142) were recorded in Binadhan-24 where in BRRI dhan58, effective tiller hill-1 and number of filled grain panicle-1 were 22.19 and 136.80 respectively. Higher 1000 seed wt. (24.38 g) was found in Binadhan-24 compared to another variety. And the maximum yield potential (7.03 tha-1) was recorded in Binadhan-24. This experiment will be useful to select Boro genotypes with high yield potential and future breeding stock in area specific suitable locations and all over the world.

Keywords: Boro; Effective tiller; Panicle length; Rice yield.

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment, 2023, 16(2):134-137