Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment


  1. Fruit tree based agroforestry practices in char land farming system – GMM Rahman
  2. Mustard cultivation along with five years old Lohakat tree as agroforestry practice – A Akter
  3. Performance of amaranth and red amaranth in alley cropping system – MM Islam
  4. Yield and yield components of BRRIdhan 29 on different planting density – M Shahaduzzaman
  5. Performance of bitter gourd in assosiation with three fruit trees during winter season – M Momtaz
  6. Effect of bio-slurry on pot planted tomato – A Sarker
  7. Comparing yield and yield attributes of three rice varieties considering different plant population – M Shahaduzzaman
  8. Grouping of rice genotypes based on shoot growth for salt tolerance at germination stage – DE Jharna
  9. Brinjal and Chilli cultivation along with Lohakat (Xylia dolabriformis) tree as agroforestry system – F Bithi
  10. Study on the dry matter accumulation and distribution in BRRIdhan 29 as affected by planting density – M Shahduzzaman
  11. Effect of integrated or alone use of inorganic, organic and inoculum sources on wheat (Triticum aestivum L) -MB Hossain
  12. Performance of seven winter vegetables along with four years old Akashmoni tree in charland based agroforestry system – Z Alam
  13. Carbon stocks and other physico-chemical properties from different depths of soil at Jillyang agricultural farm – MB Hossain
  14. Investigation of predatory effect of african magur – SMR Alam
  15. Performance of radish and coriander under six years old lohakat tree – P Sarker
  16. Bitter gourd cultivation along with three timber yielding tree species under agroforestry system – HMS Rahman
  17. Introduction of forage legumes into crop production systems in Mymensingh – ME Haque
  18. Sweet gourd cultivation in association with two years old fruit tree species – MM Bari
  19. Change in agriculture due to urbanization at Savar upazila – MIA Sarder
  20. Effect of medicated UMB on gastro-intestinal nematodes and production performance of milking cow in rural area – MS Huda
  21. Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation in chili cultivar – MM Uddin
  22. Economic production of jute under different weeding regimes condition – MG Sarwar
  23. Performance of kangkong and indian spinach in ipil-ipil based alley cropping system – MM Hassan
  24. Standardization of in vitro rooting medium for root induction of regenerated chili shoots – MM Uddin
  25. Effect of planting material on the growth and yield of elephant foot yam – MS Hossain
  26. Performance of BAU Amloki-1 at three upazilla in northern region and BAU-GPC – R Roy
  27. Bio-control of root-knot (Meloidogyne incognita) of soybean – M Islam
  28. Performance of sweet gourd in association with three timber tree species – A Das
  29. Performance of different timber seedling in agro-ecologically different areas in Bangladesh – MM Hawlader
  30. Bio-control of root-knot (Meloidogyne incognita) of mungbean – MS Khatun
  31. Effect of organic and inorganic nutrient management on soil fertility, yield and quality of rice – K Ghosh
  32. Effect of different levels of Mg and P salts as struvite used in layer litter composting – R Islam
  33. Use of union information and service center by the farmers in receiving agricultural information – N Nuruzzaman
  34. Water pollution in Kuakata sea beach area – AKM Faruk
  35. Performance of BAU kamranga-1 at three upazilla in northern region and BAU-GPC of Bangladesh – R Roy
  36. Economics of growing rice seedlings in dry seed bed covered with polythene sheet during boro season – M Rashid
  37. Effect of different sowing dates on morpho-physiological feature – KM Rahman
  38. Effect of salinity on the yield and minerals of mung bean – AKM Faruk
  39. Effect of ammonium on fractionation of stable isotope of nitrogen and growth performance in Chara fibrosa – M Maniruzzaman
  40. Study on the physiological characteristics of BAU-GPC released mango germplasm – R Roy
  41. Socio-economic conditions of farmers due to urbanization at Savar upazila – MIA Sarder
  42. Crop response to fertilization in Boro-fallow-T. aman rice cropping pattern at Trisal – RR Sarker