1. Agrobiodiversity in Southern Bangladesh – MA Rahim
  2. Use of information sources in maintaining livelihoods by Rohingya refugees around Teknaf wildlife sanctuary – MZ Rahman
  3. Effect of five years old lohakat tree on the growth and yield of carrot – A akter
  4. Effect of seed sources and seed treatments on disease incidence, severity and seed yield of rice in Bangladesh – MMH Chowdhury
  5. Study some selected characteristics of Sub Assistant Agriculture Officer’s that are related to job performance – A Ahmed
  6. Effect of chitosan on growth and yield of rice cv. BRRI dhan29 – R Ahmed
  7. Effect of two years old akashmoni tree on three winter vegetables grown in agroforestry system – MM Rahman
  8. Comparison on growth of fayoumi and indigenous chicks reared under semi-scavenging system in rural condition – MS Huda
  9. Effects of supplemental irrigation on the yield and yield contributing characters of BRRI dhan49 in aman season – MA Amin
  10. Interaction effect of five years old Lohakat tree on growth and yield of Spinach – S Farhana
  11. Performance of three winter vegetables in alley cropping system – MM Rahman
  12. Effect of Miyodo on growth and yield of sesame – MT hossain
  13. Performance of radish and bitter gourd under Eucalyptus tree – MR Hasan
  14. Performance of Carrot in association with Akashmoni tree – MS Uddin
  15. Job performance of Sub Assistant Agriculture Officers in respect of 25 criteria – A Ahmed
  16. Impact of industrial waste disposal on environment and agricultural productivity around the Gazipur district of Bangladesh – MT Hasan
  17. Greenhouse climate on production potentialities of Okra – MH Rashid
  18. Radish cultivation in association with three fruit tree species during winter season – MA Rakib
  19. Major nutrient elements in roadside soils and grasses a case study in Dhaka city – N Sultana
  20. Effect of scion maturity and time of cleft grafting on the success, survivability and growth in Burmese grape – N. Parvin
  21. Effect of different chemicals on yield of different varieties of Mango – P Bairagi
  22. Bottle gourd cultivation along with Akashmoni tree as Agroforestry System – R Anwar
  23. Chemical quality of surface water of Babugonj upazila under Barisal district in Bangladesh – MI haque
  24. Effect of different types of organic fertilizers on growth and yield of mukhi kachu – KM Rahman
  25. Quantitative relationships between some selected characters of wheat varietieslines and percentage of pink stem borer infestation – M Shahjahan
  26. Effect of different sowing time on growth, yield and yield attributes of Kenaf – N. Jahan
  27. Effect of seed sources and seed treatments on yield and yield contributing characters of rice in Bangladesh – MMH Chowdhury
  28. Fertility status of some selected soil series of Bangladesh – MA Mukta
  29. Effects of foliar application of growth regulators on quality seed yield in carrot – MA Malek
  30. Efficacy of herbicide on weed control and production of BRRI dhan29 – MS Sarker
  31. Effect of container and treatment with lemon grass extract on health and quality of stored – MM Haque
  32. Morpho-physiological attributes of transplant Aman rice as influenced by variety – B. Kirttania
  33. Performance of kangkong as intercrop grown in association with three years old karanja tree – MS Hossain
  34. Response of micronutrients for quality seed yield in carrot – MA Malek
  35. Fertilizer management effects on fertility of old Brahmaputra flood plain soil under rice cultivation – A Sultana
  36. Feasibility of carps fry raising in Kaptai lake creeks – AKMS Islam
  37. Screening of salt tolerent rice germplasms at the seedling stage using SSR markers – RR Rajib
  38. Growth and yield of onion as influenced by organic manures – MA Seum
  39. Effect of integrated nutrient management on soil properties – MK Islam
  40. Effect of Oxytetracycline on bacterial load of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (silver carp) fish in culture pond of Mymensingh, Bangladesh – MA Kashem
  41. Assessment of ionic pollution in pond waters at Patuakhali Science and Technology – Monirozzaman
  42. Fertility evaluation of three agriculturally important soils (Trishal Thana) of Bangladesh – MA Salam
  43. Growth and yield of ratoon sugarcane as influenced by integrated nutrient management – MS Rahman
  44. Zinc nutrition of fine rice varieties – MSH bir
  45. Effects of different levels of N and P on the yield of BINA dhan7 in old Brahmaputra floodplain soil – ARA Wakel