Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment


  1. Capsule growth and calyx protein content in Hibiscus sabdariffa L. var. sabdariffa – MSA Fakir
  2. Gross national happiness and Bhutan civilization with introduction of workshop – K Ando
  3. Climate change and its impact on health and livelihood within Hatiya Island of Bangladesh – MR Alam
  4. Ecology and ethnicity of the Brahmaputra valley in Assam – H Asada
  5. Determination of the premonsoon period and interannual variations of the premonsoon rainfall – A Fukushima
  6. Historical migration and land development around the eastern Himalaya – S Miyamoto
  7. Rural out-migration scenario in Khaling Gewog, Trashigang, Eastern-Bhutan – J Choda
  8. Glimpse of the history of Khaling village – Sumjay
  9. A study on rural income, migration and risk of losing indigenous agriculture practices – Dendup
  10. Assessment of forest ecosystem services in Khaling Gewog, Bhutan – Tshering
  11. Agricultural history and current rural life in Khaling, Trashigang, Bhutan – Akamatsu
  12. Agricultural area classification of Bhutan using multivariate analysis – H Uchida
  13. Farming population in Japan a retrospect – A Kawai
  14. The characteristics of Oi-machi town, a rural town in the suburbs of the megacity Tokyo – S Wakebe
  15. Rural development with animal conservation using the local farming practices in Japan – N Ohnishi
  16. Agriculture contexts of Myanmar under climate change – Khin Ley
  17. Conservation of Lao tradition and culture in Thachampa village – Inthong
  18. Seasonal variations of temperature and rainfall characteristics – SA Choudhury
  19. Long-term trends in tropical cyclone rainfall in Vietnam – H Anh
  20. The practical activities of Panchayat raj in terms of rural development in India – M Nose
  21. Link model on rural development in Bangladesh – Case study VC formation at T village – Yajima
  22. Root growth and yield attributes of summer mungbean in response to residual effect of liming – Bikash Mungbean
  23. Influence of phosphorus and sulphur on yield, yield attributes and biochemical composition of brinjal – Hasan Achem
  24. Livelihood status of the fisherman of the Kirtonkhola River nearby to the Barisal town – MH Minar
  25. Indian spinach and Okra cultivation along with Swietenia hybrida tree as agroforestry practices – MR Hasan
  26. Nutritional composition and functionality of raw and germinated parole (Vigna sp) seed – MR Haque
  27. Effect of tree leaf biomass on soil fertility and yield of rice – BR Tanzi
  28. Study on homestead Agroforestry and plant diversity in Gopalpur upazila of Tangail district – B Begum, Mahmoda