Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment

VOL 5 – (Special Issue)

  1. Recent change in rice cultivation technology in Bangladesh – K Ando
  2. Swidden farming and monsoon forests of mainland Southeast Asia- a patchwork of disturbance and succession – Takeda Shinya
  3. Ideal and reality of marine protected areas in Senegal – SEKINO Nobuyuki
  4. Resource utilization regarding acquisition of food material in rural Bangladesh – Keiko Yoshino
  5. Local management of forested wetlands in tropical Asia – TAKEDA Shinya
  6. Monsoon rainfall and rice cultivation in the Brahmaputra floodplain -A village study in Assam – H Asada
  7. Historical land development in Central and Eastern Himalayas – Shinji Miyamato
  8. Rainfall, flood and rice cultivation in Bangladesh – Jun Matsumoto
  9. Climate, climate change and diarrhoea in Bangladesh – Masahiro Hashizume
  10. Community mangrove forest management on the Andaman coast, Thailand – Surinporn Sri-in
  11. Practical recognition about environment coping approach by NGO – A case of Jhamna char in Bangladesh – Kazuyo Minamide
  12. Fisheries activities in floodplain of Mekong river basin – Y. Fujioka
  13. Traditional skills and knowledge inherited from Japanese swidden cultivation – R. Sizuki
  14. Floral resources in a village environment of the Brahmaputra valley, Assam inventory, use and conservation – Nityananda Deka
  15. Dissemination of plants and technology for rural development in Bangladesh – UCHIDA Haruo
  16. Forest structure and species composition of seasonal flood forest along the Se Buy River in Yasothon Province – R. Yoneda
  17. Alternative rural development approach through reevaluation of traditional culture and knowledge – Kichiji Yajima
  18. Realistic function of the normative forest-governance model in the REDD-plus operational framework – T. Kurashima
  19. Sundarbans, the largest contiguous mangrove forest of the world – Imran Ahmed
  20. Perception of fish farmers on flood coping mechanisms in Dewanganj Upazila under Jamalpur district – MJ Haque
  21. Community-based mangrove conservation sustainable forest management in yeesarn samut songkram province – V Jintana
  22. Coping strategies with drought and agricultural development in dryzone, Myanmar – Khin Lay Swe
  23. Pre-monsoon atmospheric condition in Bangladesh – Fumie Murata
  24. From the villages of Lam singers in Laos and Thailand Some cases of inheritance of indigenous knowledge in rural area – M Etsuo
  25. Keynote Speech – Kazuo Ando