Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment


  1. Effect of sowing depth on germination of important multipurpose trees – MT Islam
  2. Growth dynamics and spatial variation of the eggplant root system under elevated CO2 – Bikash
  3. Biological activity of some fruit leaves and chemical investigation on Dillenia indica leaves – Bikash
  4. Utilization of sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea. L) seed as a protein supplement in fish feed – MH Rashid
  5. Effect of organic manures and fertilizer nitrogen on microbial biomass – MMA Hossain
  6. Effect of seed clove size on growth and yield of two lines of garlic under dry land condition – MS Alam
  7. Effect of different packaging materials and storage conditions on physico-chemical characteristics of guava – Tanveer
  8. Effect of aqueous extract of some plants on some stored and field fungi – SK Kuri
  9. Influence of arbuscular mycorrhiza and different levels of phosphorus on yield attributes – S Sultana
  10. Varietal performance of cane in association with different multipurpose tree species – MS Ali
  11. Seasonal variation in ionic constituents of waters in the sundarbans mangrove forest – AKM Faruk
  12. Effect of different organic and inorganic fertilizers on growth and yield of mukhi kachu – SM Imran
  13. Arsenic contamination and ionic toxicity for suitability assessment of ground water and surface water – PK Roy
  14. Influence of Lohakat (Xylia dolabriformis) tree on the growth and yield of four winter crops
  15. Leaf characters of brinjal influencing the infestation rate of brinjal shoot and fruit borer
  16. Effect of planting method and rhizome size on the growth and yield of ginger
  17. Integrated management practices of hairy catterpillar of soybean – MA Monim
  18. Quality assessment of surface water resources of Dumki upazila in Bangladesh for irrigation – MN Uddin
  19. Effect of tree leaf litter on the yield and yield contributing characteristics of T. aman – TA Khan
  20. Eco-friendly management of brown spot and yield of rice – MS Alam
  21. Effect of organic manures on flowering and fruiting of guava – T Khatun
  22. Management of hawk moth of sesame with botanical and chemical agent – MA Monim
  23. Effect of biofertilizer and urea on growth and yield of mungbean – MMA Mondal
  24. Effect of spacing and depth of planting on growth and yield of onion – M Shikdar
  25. Performance of tomato under multistoried agrforestry system – KM Rahman
  26. Feeding and development of Spodoptera litura larvae on different cotton varieties – DA Tithi
  27. Effect of sowing time and advance lines on the yield and yield contributing characters of groundnut – MA Monim
  28. Effect of variety, date of planting and level of phosphorus on shoot dry matter and yield of mungbean – FMJ Uddin
  29. Effect of Barapukuria power plant on environment – SK Sarker
  30. Effect of different sources of nitrogen on growth and yield of two lines of garlic under dry land – MS Alam
  31. Homestead agroforestry systems practiced by the farmers of Natore district
  32. Performance of okra under litchi based agroforestry system – MA Hanif
  33. Effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza and phosphorus on macronutrient contents – S Sultana
  34. Effect of poultry litter, cowdung and chemical fertilizers on the performance of Basmati
  35. Effect of spacing on growth and yield of two lines of garlic under dry land condition – MS Alam
  36. Effect of fertilizers in combination with organic manure on the yield performance of turmeric – MA Rahim
  37. Effect of activator in compost for management of seedling diseases of common bean – Kashem
  38. Effect of different doses of potassium for maximized potato production – Forhad
  39. Effect of shade of different trees on growth and yield of aman rice
  40. Effect of N and P on the yield, yield attributes and protein content of aromatic rice – MA Hoque
  41. Effect of variety, number of seedling hill-1 and fertilizer application on the growth
  42. Effect of Barapukuria coal mine on soil environment – SK Sarker
  43. Growth and reproductive responses of brown plant hopper to five rice cultivars – MA Hossain
  44. Screening of wheat genotypes for drought tolerance at vegetative stage – MR haque
  45. Allelopathic effects of parthenium weed debris in soil on the emergence and development of rice
  46. Effect of foliar application of miyobi hormone on morphophysiological attributes and yields in summer tomato
  47. Performance of medicinal plants grown under multilayered agroforestry system
  48. Species composition and its diversity in the homesteads of Kalaroa and Tala upazila of Satkhira district of Bangladesh
  49. Estimation of losses due to storage diseases of potato in markets of Dhaka city in Bangladesh