Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment

VOL 11, ISSUE 1 & 2

  1. Fishing gears around Lam Se Bai, a tributary of the middle Mekong river basin – Yoshimi Fujioka
  2. Comparative eco-resource utilization studies in Asia Poor management in rich areas and wise use in poor resource areas – I Yamada
  3. Interim survey report on livelihood transition studies in Pursat province, Cambodia – K. Yasuyuki
  4. Hydrological environment and Boro rice cultivation in Bangladesh and Assam – Haruhisa Asada
  5. Causes and impact of migration from Brekha village, Trashigang Bhutan – Pema Lhendrup
  6. Climate change and its impact on healthlivelihood of people’s lives in coastal island of Hatiya – MR Alam
  7. Sustainable utilization of fishery resources in the Andaman coastal areas, southern Thailand – Yoshimi Fujioka
  8. Natural disasters in Bangladesh and Japan – comparing its scale and damages – Haruo Uchida
  9. An interdisciplinary study on existing land use and natural resource management in Klong Sathorn village – V jintana
  10. Dynamics of agroecosystems in the Brahmaputra valley, Assam (India) – Nityananda Deka
  11. Rice-based cropping system of different ethnic groups across the Brahmaputra floodplain in Assam, India – Haruhisa Asada
  12. Practical education for environmental awareness education children on the arsenic contamination issue in Bangladesh – K Minamide
  13. Identification of traits related to drought tolerance in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes – Mar Mar Win
  14. Cost and benefit of summer paddy cultivation in Myaungmya township case study on three different farming practices – Myint Thida
  15. The effect of drought and the selling of cultivated farmlands on the livelihood of local farmers – Mar Mar Win
  16. Tourist industry and its impact upon socio-economic development of Bagan-Nyaung U area – Khin Ohnmar Htwe
  17. Farm size categories and agricultural implements used for farming a case study in Baghaichari Mukh village – S Swapan
  18. A traditional farmers’ practice of black gram (Mat-pe) (Vigna mungo) cultivation in Maubin township – KL Swe
  19. Rural urban migration and rural depopulation in Ayeyarwady region a case study of three villages in Pyarpon township – MyintThida
  20. Contribution of NTFPs to local livelihood a case study of Nong Sai Sub-district of Nang Rong district – N Mianmit
  21. Geo-environmental changes and human activities in Japanese lowland archaeological site – Shinji Miyamoto
  22. Indigenous methods on coping with natural disasters in selected areas of Bangladesh – Swapan Kumar Dasgupta
  23. Swidden farming in rain-green forests of mainland Southeast Asia – Takeda Shinya
  24. Internal labour migration study in the dry zone, Shan state and the southeast of Myanmar – Amina Maharjan
  25. Food security and socio-economic impacts of soil salinization in the central dry zone of Myanmar a case study – Aung Naing Oo
  26. Extent of forest fire problems – its sustainable development strategies in Bhutan – Sumjay Tshering
  27. Yield performance of Paw San rice (Oryza sativa L.) group Paw San morphotype – Min San Thein
  28. Mangrove and their Environment the role of FREDA with particular reference to Myanmar – U Ohn
  29. Performance of sweet gourd under fruit tree based agroforestry practices in char land ecosystem – S. Rana
  30. Some biochemical plant characters in relation to suseptibility of mustard to aphid – Morzia Begum
  31. Interaction of nutrients in some soils and their fluctuation in Sara soil during onion (Allium cepa) cultivation – M.A.K. Azad
  32. Evaluation of jute mutantsvarieties for resistance to jute hairy caterpillar under field condition – M.S. Alam
  33. Effect of miyobi on morpho-physiological characters, yield attributes and yield of mungbean – AKMK Kabir
  34. Effect of cucumber biomass and nitrogen level on weed suppression and yield of transplant aman rice cv. BR11 – MA Salam
  35. Screening of bottle gourd varieties against root-knot disease – M.S. Rahman
  36. Effect of sowing dates on the growth and yield of carrot – M.N. Nury
  37. Residual toxicity of three insecticides on predator of mustard aphid – Morzia Begum
  38. Effect of variety and NPKZnB fertilizers on growth and yield of Kohlrabi – S. Roy
  39. Biochemical constituents and storability of postharvest mango influenced by different levels of gibberellic acid – MK Islam
  40. Evaluation of jute mutantsvarieties for resistance to jute yellow mite under field and net house condition – M. Khalequzzaman
  41. Impact of nutrient management on the growth performance of transplant Aman rice – M.I. Ali
  42. Effects of foliar application of urea fertilizers on the yield of boro rice cv. BRRI dhan28 – D.K. Saha
  43. Growth parameters of mungbean (cv. Binamoog-2) as influenced by plant density, and phosphorus and inoculum – M.S.U. Sarder
  44. Ionic toxicity assessment of groundwater for irrigation in the selected aquifers of Khulna area – M.J. Hossain
  45. Formulation of Beauveria bassiana, Vuill. for integrated management of rice hispa, Dicladispa armigera of rice – M. T. Haque
  46. Effect of seed treatment with biological agents on germination and vigour of bottle gourd seedlings following tray method – M.S. Rahman
  47. Screening of brinjal varieties and line resistant to brinjal shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis Guen.) – T. Ahmed
  48. Effect of inter crop green manuring and nitrogen on the growth, yield and quality of sugarcane (Saccharum offcinarum L.) – RC Kabiraj
  49. Effect of weeding regime on the performance of transplanted aman rice – M.R.J. Mou
  50. Analysis of some socio-demographic factors related to dfdhf outbreak in dhaka city – M.G. Sharower
  51. Effect of FLORA in 15 colour varieties of potato – M.A. Rahim
  52. Effect of containers and storage conditions on the health status of okra seed – M.H. Islam