Journal of Agroforestry & Envinronment

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment

             Md. Abdullah Al Kamran, Md. Omar Sharif, Biplob Deb, Sanjia Jahir Prova and Md. Sharaf Uddin




In Bangladesh, the typical land use structure is homestead agroforestry. It provides people with basic necessities like food, shelter, money, and other things. This study was regulated in the Nangalkot Upazila of the Cumilla district at Bangladesh to identify plant species grown in homestead areas and to explore the relationships between tree diversification and selected characteristics of farmers of the Nangalkot upazila. A total of 50 households from the small, marginal, medium, and large groups were polled. An interview schedule was created using a simple technique and questionnaire to collect data on the selected parameters. The respondents were chosen at random, and data were collected between January 1 and 21, 2021. For statistical analysis, the orthodox descriptive statistical parameters and Product Moment Correlation Coefficient of Pearson (r) were used. A total of twenty seven (27) plant species were identified in the study area’s homestead, with 16 being fruit plants and 11 being forest plant species. The most abundant fruit species were mango, coconut, guava, papaya, jackfruit, etc., and the forest plant species were mahogany, bamboo, eucalyptus, neem, akashmoni, etc. On average, 14.38 plant species had been identified in respondents’ homestead area. Sixteen agroforestry systems with four layers were identified from the study area. Selected farmers’ characteristics, such as family size, farm size, homestead size, knowledge about homestead agroforestry, and socio-economic condition, showed a significant positive relationship with the total number of plant species, which can help in nutritional security of the people in the area of study. The current homestead agroforestry techniques in the Nangalkot Upazila of Cumilla district can be improved using advanced agroforestry approaches, and diversity of medicinal and multipurpose plants should be enhanced in order to maximize farmers’ revenue.

Keywords: Homestead agroforestry; Tree diversity; Nangalkot upazila.

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment, 2023, 16(2):80-86