S.M.D. Haque, M.H.K. Howlader, A.B.M.M.M. Khan, M.M. Hasan and S.A. Ratna



A field experiment was conducted at the research farm of Regional Horticulture Research Institute, Lebukhali, Patuakhali in the year 2012 to find out the suitable black gram variety for coastal area on the growth, yield and yield attributes of black gram grown under semi-arid climate. Results revealed that all the parameters including growth, yield and yield components were significantly influenced by varieties. BARI mush–3 produced highest branches plant–1 (4.83), higher LAI (9.99), higher CGR (3.216 g m–2 day–1 ), maximum number of pods plant–1 (19.42), maximum seeds pod-1 (9.28), and grain yield (1.69 t ha–1 ). Poor performance was observed in local variety. BARI mush–3 was the most productive variety under the coastal area.

Key words: Variety, Coastal, Attributes, Productive.

Journal of Agroforestry and Environment, 2019, 13 (1&2):77-79.